About Us

Become a Panda Hero in 2017!

Together we achieve more. The world needs more contributor, would you like to Be A Giver?

SuperPanda.Team is an alliance of universal Givers. As long as you are willing to contribute, you are the one we are looking for.

We provide Charity Service Training, inspire life with life, spreading love to every corner of the world.

To create a peaceful society filled with love and harmony, we need people who can contribute love, peace, and harmony, wholeheartedly.

You don’t need to contribute all your wealth or time, just a little good gesture, either:

(1) Donate ONE “Declining Years” book EVERY MONTH (RM20 per book)

Continuously for one year (12xRM20=RM240), we will deliver the books to schools, and share with the children 2 important things to do when they get home: give their parents a hug and tell their parents that they love them.

Donate Book To School Activities
To date, we delivered more than 10,000 books to 29 schools (out of our target of 100 schools)
Activities List:http://decliningyears.com/donate-book/
Activities Details (With Photos / Videos) :http://decliningyears.blogspot.my/search/label/捐书送书活动

(2) Inspire life through life

Invite your friends to become a Giver,
a. choose to inspire 10 others, OR
b. choose to inspire 100 others

(3) Join our monthly charitable activities, “One Porridge One Love”, “Mural Painting”, “Orphan’s Dreams” etc.

One Porridge One Love Activites
To date, we visited 31 old folks home for our charitable activities.
Activity Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e8FPIVa8X4
Activity List: http://decliningyears.com/one-porridge-one-love/
Activity Details (with photos / videos): http://decliningyears.blogspot.my/search/label/一碗粥一份温情。

Mural Painting
Mural Painting List:http://101charity.com/about-us/mural-painting/
Mural Painting Details (with photos / videos):http://decliningyears.blogspot.my/search/label/画壁画

(4) Join our Charity Services Training

Register now! First come first serve basis.

Our History

Since 2014, a group of social workers, dubbed the Panda Team, walked over whole Malaysia to deliver their simple love. They created miracles by achieving many tasks that seem impossible.

1. Blessings Card

A social media campaign supported by more than 1,000 people around the world.


Posted by 老人愿 on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Short Clips and Interviews

We All Grow Old

One Porridge One Love

Dad Mom I Love You!

Other than meaningful short clips, we produced interview clips with our Founder, Edmund Lee and our social worker team:

Interview Writer, Edmund Lee

Our Social Service Team

You can check out all videos here as well: http://decliningyears.com/videos/

3. One Porridge One Love Activities

To date, we completed 29/100 activities.

Activities Clip

Activities List:http://decliningyears.com/one-porridge-one-love/
Activities Details (with photos / videos):http://decliningyears.blogspot.my/search/label/一碗粥一份温情

4. Book Donation to School

To date, we delivered books to 29/100 schools.

Activities List:http://decliningyears.com/donate-book/
Activities Details (with photos / videos):http://decliningyears.blogspot.my/search/label/捐书送书活动

5. Charitable CD

March, 2016, we launch “You & Me” Charitable Audio CD, to spread the love with songs. For each copy sold, 50% will be located to improve selected old folk home’s facilities.

Product info:

This CD took nearly 9 months to complete, with 5 impactful songs, based on love. We hope to raise people’s awareness about their nature, love, be it with family, lovers, or siblings.

Songs List:
1.爸爸媽媽 (Father Mother)
2.如果不是深愛過 (If Not Loved)
3.宣誓 (Swear)
4.豬朋狗友 (Friends)
5.有你有我 (You & Me)

6. Our Logs In The Digital World

For our activities or related info, check out:

Official Website:http://www.DecliningYears.com

Activities Log:http://DecliningYears.blogspot.com

Official Facebook Page:http://www.fb.com/老人愿-761087597247253/

Youtube Channel:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdbAjkciKAE_J_an218IcHQ

Official Document Site:http://www.slideshare.net/vpmedia

WeChat Group:《老人愿》天使义工联盟

7. Mural Painting

Activities List:http://101charity.com/about-us/mural-painting/
Activities Details (with photos / videos) :http://decliningyears.blogspot.my/search/label/画壁画

There are more to come in 2017. Check out Super Panda’s contribution to the society from time to time. We hope that you could be part of us.

After 2 years+ working experience, we ignite SuperPanda.Team. In our 3rd year, Founder Edmund Lee said it will be the year of Panda Team. With this mission, we hope to gather 10,000 young people to join our forces, through formal training, and be part of social contributor.

You don’t need to have super power to save the world. Together we can achieve more.

Join us now! First come first serve basis.